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A worldwide network of leading lawyers who specialise in fraud, international asset tracing and recovery

We Assist Victims of Fraud

Using sophisticated investigation and forensic tools, along with cutting-edge civil procedures, ICC FraudNet members have been retained around the world and have recovered billions of dollars for victims that include corporations, individuals, governments, regulators and state entities; for some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated global frauds involving crypto, insurance, commodities, banking, grand corruption, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Our members also pursue recoveries against financial institutions, professional advisors and other intermediaries involved in the fraud. We consider all available legal remedies to obtain compensation for our clients.

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Our Network Reach

With 90 FraudNet Members, 30 FraudNet Future Members and 9 Strategic Partners based across 71 countries and growing, ICC FraudNet’s membership extends to every continent and the world’s major economies, as well as leading offshore wealth havens that have complex bank secrecy laws and institutions where the proceeds of fraud are often hidden.




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Our Strategic Partners

We are proud to have strategic partners who are globally recognised and highly experienced, in forensics, investigative, legal and media services. Our members regularly work with them as a team to maximise recoveries for victims.

We Are The World’s Leading Asset Recovery Legal Network