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Kevin Hellard

Kevin Hellard


30 Finsbury Square London, UK

T. +44 (0)20 7865 2478

James Pomeroy Grant Thornton

James Pomeroy


171 Main Street, The Barracks 2nd Floor Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands

T. +1 (284) 494 6162
M. +1 284 346 5589


Grant Thornton’s fraud investigation and insolvency specialists trace and recover funds for clients who have suffered a financial loss. In the last three years they have recovered over £200million of hidden and misappropriated assets for clients including national governments, tax and revenue authorities, banks, insurers, individual claimants in major frauds and listed and non-listed corporates. 

They use civil as well as insolvency proceedings and work across borders, and have extensive experience of retrieving assets from jurisdictions in the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. 

They are flexible on fees and we are often able to work on a part of fully contingent basis. This means that they bear the risk and only charge a fee in cases where they make a recovery. In many cases Grant Thornton’s work represents an opportunity for clients to turn write offs into revenues. They offer solutions and advice in the following areas: fraud investigations that minimise consequences of fraud assistance with fraud reporting and presenting findings in Court taking appointments as receiver or insolvency practitioner to facilitate asset investigations and recovery asset tracing of misappropriated assets and funds international corruption and asset recovery.