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Patrik Kalman

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Trägårdh Law Firm
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Patrik Kalman specialises in dispute resolution and asset tracing. He also works as receiver in bankruptcies.

Patrik has represented clients in several of the most high profile financial fraud cases in Sweden. In addition to this he has acted as receiver in some of Sweden’s largest bankruptcies involving fraud and asset tracing (most often with cross-border elements).

A combination of great expertise in both law and finance, and extensive experience and natural persistence, makes Patrik particularly well suited to handle complicated disputes, investigations and bankruptcies.

Trägårdh Law Firm is a boutique law firm specializing in certain niche areas. This makes it possible for us to offer high-quality, top-level legal expertise.

Our size (as a boutique law firm) also reduces the risk of conflict of interests affecting our clients and allows us to be more flexible and easier to cooperate with.

Most of our lawyers, including Patrik, are both lawyers and business graduates. This adds value to our clients as commercial perspectives are always included in our legal advice.


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